Fourth Sector Mapping Initiative (FSMI)

Led by a 180+ member Advisory Council of diverse experts, FSMI is developing a rigorous taxonomy of for-benefit organizations and conducting a global census of these entities and their supportive ecosystems.

To meet the global demand for better data on the fourth sector and a more rigorous understanding of for-benefit organizations, The Fourth Sector Group, in partnership with the Urban Institute, The B Team, and a 180+ member Council of experts are undertaking the Fourth Sector Mapping Initiative. The project was launched with seed funding from a competition held at the Growing the Impact Economy summit at Harvard University in 2013. The Urban Institute is leveraging its experience with the development of the National Center on Charitable Statistics, a comprehensive repository of data on the third sector in the U.S., and The B Team is leading the development and deployment of a global outreach campaign to collect data on the fourth sector.

4SG Headquarters

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The Fourth Sector Group is a global not-for-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC