Dr. Tatiana Kazakova

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Leaders on Purpose

Dr. Tatiana Kazakova is Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Leaders on Purpose. Her focus is developing the pathway for a systemic transition towards a system's logic in service of our planet and society. Embracing stakeholder complexity, synchronizing actionable (corporate) strategy agendas globally and catalyzing effective and authentic co-creation of systems architecture at scale is at the heart of her work. Throughout her corporate strategy consulting career she gathered extensive expertise in corporate strategy and digital strategy development, innovation processes and acceleration, strategy implementation and organizational transformation in mobility, tech, industrial goods and financial industry sectors. Her academic background in applied mathematics, systems theory, strategic decision making under uncertainty and strategy is underlined by both, experiences in qualitative social sciences research and natural sciences. For her ethnographic Ph.D. on strategy practices in decision making under uncertainty in c-suites of corporates and ventures across industries, she was recognized with the honorary speech, nominated for the William H. Newman All-Academy Award of the Academy of Management where she published amongst other international outlets in the best papers proceedings. Tatiana holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mathematics.

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