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Martha Martin

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor 
Fourth Sector Group


Martha serves as Senior Advisor for strategy and visual communications at the Fourth Sector Group (4SG), a multi-stakeholder, collaborative platform dedicated to accelerating the growth of the fourth sector globally. The fourth sector—emerging at the intersection of the public, private and social sectors—is comprised of for-benefit enterprises that seek to seamlessly integrate public purposes with business means, harnessing entrepreneurial energy to shape more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient economies. 4SG supports the development of supportive ecosystems for for-benefit enterprises at the regional, national and global levels by advancing knowledge and policy, catalyzing and supporting engagement of stakeholders, and mobilizing finance. 

A design thinker at heart, Martha enjoys the challenge of complex problem solving and deconstructing complicated concepts into easy to digest visuals. Her career has spanned creative, strategic, and entrepreneurial roles in a wide range of domains. She built the multimedia department for Veridian, Inc., an engineering services company, where she directed a multidisciplinary team that created graphics, training videos, and other collateral for several U.S. Government agencies, contributing to the company’s eventual acquisition by General Dynamics. Martha was recruited by Naval Air Systems Command to revamp the quality assurance system, procurement, and logistical strategy for the C2 (aircraft) SLEP program, resulting in upwards of $10M in cost savings for the U.S. Department of Navy.  In her early career, Martha produced ad campaigns and musician collateral for, an online record label, and its Indy musicians. And she also served as founding co-President for SOTGC (Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling), a community designed to help move the needle forward for women in business, which was named a “Forbes Top 100 Website For Your Career." 
As a fine artist, Martha has participated in over 30 art shows in her adopted home town of San Diego, where she has been featured in top local media and has received a number of state and local awards. She is currently working on a new series to help people imagine a better future by raising consciousness about the interconnectedness of all life, the intelligence of plants, and the emerging for-benefit economy. Her artwork has been collected by and created for art buyers such as Bill Walton, Bob Burnquest, the San Diego Symphony and the founder of Sunuk shoes.

Martha graduated with distinction with a BA in Advertising from the Art Institute of California—San Diego.

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