Develop the human capacity and talent to grow for-benefit thinking and practice and build the fourth sector ecosystem.

Educate & Train


Stakeholders across every domain--finance, law, accounting, policy, management, consulting, marketing, etc.—will need to be educated and trained on for-benefit practices and know-how. This develops the human capacity and talent pool required to fuel the sector’s growth.

Enhance Knowledge

Advance Policy

Raise Awareness

Connect Stakeholders

Educate & Train

Mobilize Resources

Current Education & Training initiatives on the 4SG Platform: 


Fourth Sector Development Initiative

An initiative of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on International Governance, Public-Private Cooperation and Sustainable Development, the Fourth Sector Development Initiative is a collaboration of public, private, and philanthropic institutions committed to accelerating sustainable, inclusive development by catalyzing trillions of dollars of fourth sector growth globally by 2030. Supported by the Fourth Sector Group platform, FSDI fosters collective action globally to enhance knowledge and raise awareness about the fourth sector, to develop more enabling policy and regulatory environments for the fourth sector, to promote new business and investment models that are aligned with for-benefit enterprises, to increase educational and training opportunities for fourth sector practitioners and leaders, and to develop local and regional hubs to foster collaboration and accelerate fourth sector development in communities.