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Coming Together to Build the
Fourth Sector's Ecosystem

The Fourth Sector Group (4SG) brings together individuals and organizations working to develop the fourth sector's supportive ecosystem. We believe massive collaboration is the key to creating the conditions needed for for-benefit enterprises to flourish, ultimately yielding more sustainable and inclusive economies. 


Each of 4SG's six priorities of work will be pursued through a range of multi-stakeholder initiatives.  In some instances, 4SG incubates or operates initiatives, in others, it serves as a platform for collaboration and coordination between individuals, organizations, and resources.

An initiative of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on International Governance, Public-Private Cooperation and Sustainable Development, the...

A pooled grant and public investment fund to fuel the development of supportive ecosystems for for-benefit organizations globally. The Fund is being designed in collaboration with the Stanford Global Projects Center...

Being developed in collaboration with the Global Projects Center at Stanford University, this initiative facilitates long-term investor capital into debt and equity investments in for-benefit entities...


Achieving a more sustainable and inclusive economy requires engagement by all of us. Please tell us about yourself and how you would like to get involved. From joining, starting or bringing an initiative to the 4SG platform, to sponsoring an event, initiative or the Fourth Sector Catalyst Fund, there are numerous ways to get involved with 4SG and to help advance the for-benefit movement. 

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