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A Collaborative Approach to Building the Fourth Sector's Ecosystem

For-benefit organizations need a supportive ecosystem to deliver on their potential. As a platform for collaboration, 4SG catalyzes, supports, and connects individuals, organizations, and initiatives that are working across six strategic priorities to advance the fourth sector and its supportive ecosystem. 

Connect Stakeholders

Raise Awareness

Advance Policy

Enhance Knowledge

Educate & Train

Mobilize Resources

In order to accelerate the growth of the fourth sector's ecosystem in a cohesive way, there are six strategic priorities that need to advanced. 

Expand understanding of for-benefits and their ecosystem

Create shared knowledge and promote common narrative & language around for-benefits

Shape policy environments conducive to the growth of for-benefits 

Build physical and virtual communities to enhance learning, build trust, and foster alignment and collaboration.

Develop the human capacity and talent to grow for-benefit thinking and practice

Increase the resources flowing toward fourth sector ecosystem development.

Advancing these six priorities of work at the scale and speed required is far beyond the capacity of any one organization. Engagement and collaboration are needed at a massive scale.


4SG catalyzes, leverages, amplifies, integrates, and supports the efforts of numerous other organizations, serving as a neutral, nonpartisan, inclusive platform for collaboration and innovation to rapidly accelerate the growth of the fourth sector. 


We aim to advance the strategic priorities through a range of multi-stakeholder initiatives. In some instances, 4SG will incubate or operate initiatives, in others, it will serve as a platform for collaboration and coordination among multiple partners.  


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