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Heerad Sabeti

Co-founder and CEO, The Fourth Sector Group

As a serial entrepreneur and systems thinker, Heerad Sabeti is devoted to pursuing systemic solutions to complex social, environmental and economic challenges. He is co-founder and CEO of The Fourth Sector Group (4SG), a multi-stakeholder, collaborative platform dedicated to accelerating the growth of the fourth sector globally. The fourth sector—emerging at the intersection of the public, private and social sectors—is comprised of for-benefit enterprises that seek to seamlessly integrate public purposes with business means, harnessing entrepreneurial energy to shape more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient economies. 4SG supports the development of supportive ecosystems for for-benefit enterprises at the regional, national and global levels by advancing knowledge and policy, catalyzing and supporting engagement of stakeholders, and mobilizing finance. 
For over 30 years, Sabeti has been a driving force behind numerous national and international initiatives aimed at accelerating the fourth sector’s development. He co-founded The B Team, a platform of global business leaders and experts dedicated to the vision of a world in which the purpose of business is to drive social, environmental and economic benefit. He has served as an advisor to governments, corporations and NGOs on cross-sector partnerships, sustainable economic development, and leveraging entrepreneurship and innovation to address societal challenges. Sabeti serves or has served on advisory bodies for a number of entities including the Aspen Institute's Intersectoral Relations Initiative, the Clinton Global Initiative, Center for International Business Education and Research at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, The B Team, and the World Economic Forum Future Council on International Governance, Public-Private Cooperation, and Sustainable Development.

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