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Joel Getzendanner 

Principal, Commons Consulting; former Vice President, Joyce Foundation

Joel Getzendanner advises social-purpose enterprises and their investors on business strategy, ownership and governance structures, and technology infrastructure.  He also provides policy analysis on related legislative and regulatory matters.  Joel is known for innovative approaches to large-scale collaboration among potential competitors, drawing on a decade-long association with Dee Hock, the founding CEO of Visa International.  Most recently, Joel has worked as Integrity Architect for two software startups building distributed data commons applications, one focused on the control and availability of personal information when sharing with businesses or healthcare providers, and the other on the exchange and aggregation of proprietary information among industry competitors for benchmarking best practices and performance.
Joel has a long history in philanthropy and social investment. He was the Vice President for public policy-oriented grantmaking programs for the Joyce Foundation in Chicago for seven years, and established the impact investing practice at the F.B. Heron Foundation in the late 1990s as Assistant Executive Director.  He began his career in production planning in the manufacturing sector, and received his education at the University of Chicago (MBA) and Dartmouth College.

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