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Ana Carolina Díaz

Program Manager,
Fourth Sector Group

Ana Carolina is a development practitioner committed to solving global challenges through social innovation. Prior to joining the Fourth Sector Group as Program Manager, Ana Carolina served as an advisor and Project Coordinator to the Ministry of Social Development of Panama, where she focused on initiatives related to the development of the country’s Multidimensional Poverty Index, and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

While at the Ministry, she oversaw a wide range of projects being developed in collaboration with strategic partners such as UNICEF and UNDP. She also has extensive experience working in rural settings with communities in Panama as well as in Tanzania, where she worked as an education consultant for the Millennium Villages Project.

Ana Carolina holds a Master of Public Administration in Development Practice from Columbia University, in New York, and a BSc in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Santa María la Antigua, in Panama. She is currently creating an NGO that will incentivize high school students to apply social innovation and social entrepreneurship approaches to their university studies in order to focus their professional careers on generating a tangible social impact.

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