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Bruno Roche

Chief Economist & Catalyst Managing Director, Mars Inc.

I lead Catalyst, a global thought leadership capability and internal corporate 'incubator' for Mars, Incorporated. Catalyst remit is to challenge conventional business thinking by developing breakthrough capabilities to solve some of Mars' most complex business challenge. One such capability is the ‘Economics of Mutuality’, a ground breaking business model approach that aims to assess whether Mutuality (the sharing of benefits) can deliver superior social & environmental performance at scale, while simultaneously delivering excellent financial performance (growth and earnings). Together with Oxford University which is a core partner in this research platform, Mars Catalyst is poised to crack this breakthrough concept. Catalyst members are located in the USA, Europe, Asia and embrace a large number of academic disciplines and expertise ranging from theoretical physics to anthropology, from artificial intelligence to cognitive psychology, from development economics to MBA, PhDs, and historians represented by more than 10 nationalities.

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