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Jenny Stefanotti

Founder and Steward,

Jenny Stefanotti is the Founder and Steward of Denizen, a media platform and co-learning community dedicated to systemic change. Denizen produces content and organizes events exploring capitalism, democracy, culture, spirituality, and systemic oppression.

In addition to the Fourth Sector Group, Jenny serves on the board of directors of Ushahidi, a leading crowdsourcing platform for human rights, disaster response, and elections monitoring. She is also an advisor to The Buckminster Fuller Institute, Momentum, The Consilience Project, and Canvas.

Jenny was formerly a fellow and lecturer at Stanford's, where she focused on applying the methods of design thinking to improving governance in the developing world. There she taught a course entitled "Rebooting Governance with Design Thinking" with political science professor Jeremy Weinstein. She worked alongside mySociety, a leading civic tech nonprofit, and within the President's Office of Mexico to implement human centered design based programs.  Additionally Jenny has an extensive background in strategy and technology, including driving efforts to expand Google internationally on the heels of its 2004 IPO.  

Jenny has a Master's Degree in international development and economics from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and completed her undergraduate studies in engineering physics at UC Berkeley.

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