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Robert Metzke

Head of Sustainability, Strategy & Innovation, Royal Philips

Robert is a member of Royal Philips’ Innovation & Strategy Management Team, where he holds a double role. He is Head of Sustainability as well as Chief of Staff Innovation & Strategy.

As Leader of the Philips Sustainability Function, Robert focuses on strategy and policy development and drives the execution of structural sustainability action programs in the company via the standing organization. In his role as Chief of Staff he is responsible for initiating and driving strategic programs and transformation initiatives across Innovation, Strategy, Design, IP&S and Sustainability.

Robert supports and advises the Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, as well as integrates and prioritizes across the Innovation- and Strategy Management Team. Robert is an experienced global program- and team leader with passion for innovation, strategy, social impact and change leadership.

In his previous role as General Manager of the global Group Strategy team, Robert was responsible for building and managing Philips’ central strategy team, driving functional excellence in the strategy process and working with the Philips Leadership team to identify and solve strategic challenges for Philips.

Robert joined Philips in 2008 as Head of the Philips EcoVision program, leading development and worldwide implementation of Philips’ program for sustainable innovation (“EcoVision5”). Before joining Philips, Robert worked at McKinsey & Company as consultant where he gained 5 years of experience in strategy and innovation in the high-tech, health-care and public sectors.

His background is in journalism, science publishing (Science/ AAAS) and academic research (Theoretical Physics). Robert is married, has three children and lives in the Netherlands.

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