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4SG History

4SG was founded by a group of experts with deep backgrounds in entrepreneurship, policy, finance, philanthropy, knowledge management, technology, training, movement building, and law, many of whom have created and led numerous groundbreaking initiatives to advance the fourth sector over the past 25+ years. The following are some recent examples, along with some of the partner organizations that have been involved:

                    I am pleased to see that such a diverse group of our nation's brightest minds will be meeting at Harvard to discuss innovative approaches to revitalizing our economy. It will take leadership from many sectors to continue to grow an economy that creates quality jobs, promotes shared prosperity, and builds strong, sustainable communities. These are issues I have worked on for years, and I look forward to the valuable ideas and recommendations that will be generated at the summit."

-    Lawrence H. Summers,

President Emeritus, Harvard University; Director,

Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government,

Harvard Kennedy School; 71st U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

                    This gathering is timely. Especially in the past few years, leaders of the millennial generation have been passing up more traditional careers to pursue socially responsible work. If we can combine this younger generation's propensity for service with our nation’s inherent entrepreneurial spirit, the results could be game changing. We need the brightest leaders across multiple sectors to come together to rethink our model for prosperity.”

-    David Gergen,

Professor of Public Service and Director of the Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School; Senior Political Analyst, CNN

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